Bacon Salt


"Other than the Internet, this is the best invention since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Bacon Salt is the real deal."
- Matt Diablo, 91x morning radio show, San Diego, CA.

"How good is it? A few sprinkles revive lackluster mashed potatoes, just a dash on eggs adds another layer of flavor. It's a surprisingly faithful mimic of the sweet, salty, and smoky compounds found in good bacon, yet there's no meat at all, making it both certified Kosher and safe for vegetarians pining for pork."
- Boston Globe, best of 2007.

"Epoch shattering invention."
- The National Review.

"There's almost nothing that would be better without Bacon Salt."
- The Daily Candy.

"Bacon Salt bitch-slaps the flavor of bacon into anything and everything it touches"
- PC Gamer magazine's Wonder Gear of the Month.

"There is really only one thing that's important to ask yourself when you're about put something in your mouth: Does it taste like bacon? If yes, then go ahead and put it in your mouth. If no, then liberally douse it in Bacon Salt only THEN should you put it in your mouth."
- AOL Food.

"Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. Fat free, zero calorie, vegetarian, kosher seasoning salt that makes everything taste like bacon? How did it take me this long to discover?"
- Down With Pants.

"I received some for christmas, and sweet god, I will never go back to any other kind of seasoning ever again."
- SuburbanBuddha

"Bacon Salt is the savior of the bacon-loving South. It's a miracle!"
- Jill Connor Browne, best-selling author, Sweet Potato Queens.

"Consider this the first So Good stamp-of-approval, Bacon Salt is definitely worthy of your time and money."
- So Good.

"My 7 year old son hasn't stopped talking about Bacon Salt since he heard about it. You guys are on to something here."
- Alan S.

"Why would you have fries if you could have BACON fries??"
- Chuck H.

"I don't dine on swine, but wow, that's really good."
- Marcia R.

"I can't think of an individual thing you should try it on, because it belongs on almost everything. Heck, you could season one of your knit socks and suck out it out through the fibers."
- Fluid Pudding.

"When you put Bacon Salt on mashed potatoes, they try to eat themselves."
- Aaron Tucker.