Bacon Salt

Bacon Salt

It started in 2007 with two ordinary guys from Washington State, USA. Justin and Dave just love barbecues, football on Saturday afternoons and, of course, the delicious taste of bacon. Bacon Salt is the result of their quest to make binary trades everything taste like bacon.

And it really works. It manages to pack all the yumminess of bacon into a small jar so is simple to cook with and can be put on anything - eggs, steaks, sandwiches, soups, vegetables, chips - the only limit is your imagination. And best of all, it's super healthy - it's low sodium, zero calorie and zero fat. Compare that to real bacon! Finally, and this is no joke, it's kosher and suitable for vegetarians too.

It's taken a long time, dozens of forms, letters and emails and a lot of effort but, in 2009, we finally brought Bacon Salt across the Atlantic to the UK (and the rest of Europe too). Finally you can buy Bacon Salt without having to pay massive shipping costs and currency conversion fees only to have to wait weeks for your bacony goodness to arrive.

We love Bacon Salt so much binary market trading, we use it at nearly every meal. And there's a variety of flavours so if you have them all in your spice cabinet, there's one suitable for every occasion. We love them all and think you will too.

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